Hey everyone,

My name is Jackie Sanchez, and I have been working in the window and door business for quite some time now. I’ve inherited my fathers business along with my brother, who does most of the installation and removal/replacement work.  I mainly work on the price estimates, and recommendations for our customers so as to make sure that when they invest in their property the are getting the most bang for their buck.

I work with many homeowners every day to plan out their home the way they are comfortable with it, after all, they are the ones who have to live with it! With that being said, I went to school for interior design in Michigan. After graduation, I helped my father build an online presence by building him a simple website and registering it with the Google my business. After that moment, I knew I wanted to get into blogging.

I love how the internet makes all of this information available at the tips of your fingers, and I would like the opportunity to better help people (more than just our customers) make informed decisions regarding home improvement.

So, over the next few weeks, maybe even months, I will be working with my brother to deliver up-to-date information about the products that we have the most experience in: windows, siding, and doors. This information will include up-to-date pricing information for the products that we offer, as well as tips for choosing the best design for your home. My brother may also include photos from his most recent jobs if the homeowners approve that is.

So to all of my friends, and to all of my new readers online… stay tuned for the latest updates in windows, siding, and doors, because we have quite the story lined up for you all!