Hi there! I’m Jackie.

My brother Dan and I have been running Pond View windows and Doors with our parents for the last four years.  In that time we have learned a great deal from our parents regarding how to best help our customers (or inquiring minds) on what their home needs are.  As our name describes we specialize in windows and door installation and replacement, but we have helped customers in anything from attic insulation to vinyl siding repair.

We have grown up outside of a small town, and try to keep the small town feel in our every day business.  My father and mother taught both of us to treat our customers like family, and because of that we have had a great deal of business simply due to referrals.  And because of these referrals and our will to help people make good decisions when investing in their home, we are working together to create this website.

Our goal is to educate those people who are interested in investing in their home, or those who are looking for a simple improvement.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us for tips, tricks, or compliments, please fill out the form below.